The Perma Seal Scratch Away is the ultimate product for polishing out paint imperfections. Use as a perfect pre-cleaner before applying waxes. Just wipe on, and buff away swirls and fine scratches. Excellent for clearcoat finishes. Perma Seal Scratch Away uses mild abrasives and a special blend of polishing oils to leave a clean finish ready to be sealed. Can be used by hand or buffer. Includes chamois applicator and mircofiber cloth.

Directions for Use:
1. Shake bottle well
2. Wash car with Perma Wash and Wax
3. Saturate a soft cloth with product, and apply to surface. 
4. Work into painted surface and buff off.

*Order includes Chamois Applicator and Microfiber cloth  


$ 9.95 X
Perma Seal Advanced Scratch Away