Introducing Perma-Seal Hybird Ceramic Spray Wax! This sophisticated ceramic chemistry, thick viscosity formula can be used as a stand alone product or a booster to your existing finish. It's fortified with SIO2 (Ceramic Properties) which translates to durability & production beyond conventional wax.

Sprays on Fast...Wipes off Easy!


1. Make sure vehicle is clean, cool & dry to the touch.

2. Shake bottle well to activate before & during use.

3. Spray product onto surface one body panel at a time.

4. Gently spread prody evenly over the surface with a soft microfiber.

5. Allow coating to cure and bound to the finish.

6. With a separate, clean microfiber cloth, buff to an ultra-durable hard shell brilliant glass like finish!


Perma-Seal Hybird Ceramic Spray Wax is guaranteed to be the best car was you've ever used. If you are not completely satisfied, send back the unused portion for a full money back refund.

$ 39.95 X


Vendor: Pocono Marketing International