Shines and Enhances Natural Coloar
Tire Finish adds a deep, dark lustre to tires without making them greasy or shiny.

Dries to the Touch, NO SLING!
Tire Finish won't run, drip or slip onto vehicle paint. Convenient aerosol eliminates wiping, messy rags and dirty hands. Fast and Easy. Just spray and walk away!

Long Lasting Rain Resistant
Tire Finish withstands several rains and will not attract dirt. Contains no water or surfactants that easily wash off. Rejuvenates rubber and adds UV protection

*Order Includes Chamois Applicator and Micro-fiber cloth

1. Hold can 8 to 10 inches from tire and spray and even coating on side walls. 
2. Remove over-spray from paint and plastic.
3. Enjoy the shine!

$ 15.95 X


Vendor: Pocono Marketing International



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