Superior Cleaning Power
"invisible" glass clarity, and a long lasting repellent to shed rain, snow, and ice. Invisible Glass is a powerful cleaner that removes tough dirt, dust, sap, droppings, grease, adhesives, fingerprints, pollutants, and other oily grime. No streaky ingredients! 

Streak Free Results
Invisible glass evaporates quickly and completely, leaving absolutely no streaks or haze on glass. Contains no soaps, detergents, scents or dyes, which can lead to streaky residue. Makes glass so clean and clear it virtually disappears! TINT SAFE!

For streak-free glass cleaning, use clean, lint-free cloths that are free of residual detergents and fabric softeners. Some towels may contain streaking wetting agents. Spray and thin coating on glass and gently wipe to life and remove grime. For best results, the glass must be dried completely with a towel or cloth. Do not dilute invisible glass with water or mix it with other cleaners or ingredients. SAFE TO USE ON WINDOWS!

*Include Chamois Applicator and Microfiber cloth 

$ 14.95 X

Tags: Glass cleaner

Vendor: Stoner

Type: Spray


Invisible Glass