Wheel Cleaners

Foaming gel Cleaner with Unbeatable Performance!
-Fast and easy to use! Just spray, brush and hose off.
-A great alternative to dangerous combustible solvent cleaners.

Deep Cleaning foam dissolves break dust!
-Thick foam clings to wheels and tires. concentrating the cleaning action on the toughest grimes, Foaming gel dissolves and removes brake dust, road grime, tar, oxidation, grease, oil and dirt.

Safe for all Vehicles
-Acid-free formula is safe for all types of wheels, tire, rims and hubcaps; including: steel, aluminum alloy, anodized, clear coated, factory painted, modular or chromes. 

1.Start with wheels that are cool to the touch and clean on wheel at a time. 
2. Rise wheel with cold ware.
3. Spray foaming gel on the entire wheel and tire.
4. Wait 30 seconds to allow foaming action to penetrate. 
5. For best results, use a soft brush to agitate stubborn dirt.
6. Watch the foam turn brown as it dissolves and extracts brake dust.
7. Rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water.
8. Dry with a soft, clean towel to avoid spots

*Order includes Chamois Applicator and Microfiber cloth 

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Vendor: Stoner

Type: Spray


Wheel Cleaner