Perma-Seal Clear Coat Formula Hand Glaze is one of the world's fastest selling car waxes. Perma-Seal is sold at most every major auto show, fairs, and public exposition throughout the nation. Perma-Seal has proven itself to be the detailers choice when only the best will do. Perma-Seal Hand Glaze leaves a swirl free finish that enhances paint color by removing fine scratches and imperfections, while at the same time leaving a hard shell durable coating of #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax.
Directions for Use:
1. Make sure vehicle is clean, cool and dry.
2.Shake bottle well before use.
3. Apply to a small piece of soft damp applicator and spread uniformly over the vehicle one section at a time.
4. Wipe Off Residue
5. Turn cloth over frequently while still wet with a separate soft dry microfiber cloth.
*Removes Most Common Stains including: bird droppings, tree sap, road film, over spray, acid rain, industrial fallout, soap scum, hard water, ABS brake dust, love bugs, rain spots, watermarks, oxidation, road tar, bug stains.
*For Use on all Hard Smooth Surfaces including: glass, chrome, porcelain, formica, lacquer, alloy rims, aluminum, marble, plastic, gel coats, mag wheels, polished aluminum wheels, enamel, clear coat, fiberglass, appliances, mirrors, bronze
*Order includes Chamois Applicator and Microfiber cloth 
$ 24.95 X