Perma-Seal Wash and Wax

Just a squirt removes the dirt! Perma - Seal carnauba wash and wax gives your car a just-waxed shine as you wash and will keep the water beading.

1. Dissolve a few once of wash in a pail of water.
2. Apply solution to car using a wash mitt or sponge.
3. Rinse with clean water.
4.Dry surface with chamois or soft cloth.

Perma Seal Wax
Perma-Seal Clear Coat Formula Hand Glaze is one of the world's fastest selling car waxes. Perma-Seal is sold at most every major auto show, fairs, and public exposition throughout the nation. Perma-Seal has proven itself to be the detailers choice when only the best will do. Perma-Seal Hand Glaze leaves a swirl free finish that enhances paint color by removing fine scratches and imperfections, while at the same time leaving a hard shell durable coating of #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax. 
Directions for Use:
1. Make sure vehicle is clean, cool and dry.
2.Shake bottle well before use.
3. Apply to a small piece of soft damp applicator and spread uniformly over the vehicle one section at a time.
4. Wipe Off Residue
5. Turn cloth over frequently while still wet with a separate soft dry microfiber cloth.
*Removes Most Common Stains including: bird droppings, tree sap, road film, over spray, acid rain, industrial fallout, soap scum, hard water, ABS brake dust, love bugs, rain spots, watermarks, oxidation, road tar, bug stains.
*For Use on all Hard Smooth Surfaces including: glass, chrome, porcelain, formica, lacquer, alloy rims, aluminum, marble, plastic, gel coats, mag wheels, polished aluminum wheels, enamel, clear coat, fiberglass, appliances, mirrors, bronze
Perma Seal Minute Wax

Perma-Seal Minutewax High Gloss Detail Spray enhances shine in between waxing and it's anti-static formula helps to repel dust. Same formula as the hand glaze, but in spray form.




1. Shakes bottle well before use
2. Vehicle should be clean, cool and dry.
3. Spray the minute wax onto one body panel at a time. 
4. Wipe off minute wax with soft micro-fiber cloth & buff to a brilliant shine

*Order includes 3 Chamois Applicator and 3 Microfiber clothes 




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Perma-Seal Professional Package: Clear Coat Formula Hand Glaze, High Gloss Detail Spray & Wash Concentrate