Cleans leather and vinyl
Strong enough to remove tough grime, yet gentle enough to avoid degrading strength and flexibility  or leather. Contains no harmful solvents that can strip out oils, moistures or dyes.

Conditions and Rehydrates
Enriched conditioners penetrate deep to replenish natural oils and moisture. Premium blend of natural oils and lanolin rehydrates leather and preserved plush quality and flexibility. 

Protects and Preserves
UV inhibitors resist heat and sunlight to prevent dying, fading and cracking. Contains no petroleum distillates that can degrade leather finishes. Contains no wax or silicon, which leave residue and attract dirt.

Directions: Vacuum leather seating to remove loose dirt, then turn on the heat to warm up the seats. Spray liberally, let product soak and massage it into leather with clean, soft cloth. Gently buff to a luxurious finish with microfiber cloth. Use regularly to keep your leather looking best. 

*Order includes Chamois Applicator and Microfiber Cloth 

$ 14.95 X

Tags: Upholstery

Vendor: Stoner

Type: Spray


Leather Cleaner